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All-in-one software solution designed exclusively for Meal Prep Companies

Our software automates almost every part of your business to make it faster and easier for you.


The software you always dreamed of that also includes a website, a way to automate billing, and marketing help.

Basically a business in a box.

  1. CRM
  2. Driver tracking
  3. Merchant service
  4. Financial tracking
    and forecasting
  5. Super simple
  6. Customer login
  7. Very affordable
  8. No startup fee

Track and nurture leads

Driver tracking and automation of best routes for delivery

No more square or manual billing

No more quickbooks needed

Even a five year old can use it

Change their meal plans, update billing information, and more!

1 dollar per client

Free customer support to get you started

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Overwhelmed with paperwork, half a dozen
programs, and excel sheets to run your business?

Let us help you save time and grow your business. Hear what Jared Graybeal, CEO of
Superfit foods, Certified Perosnal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist & Corrective Exercise
Specialist has to say about his life before and after Meal Prep Tech.

My life before MPT

  • I was struggling with excel sheets
  • No way to track drivers
  • Had to do manual billing
  • Had to spend 1000s on a website
  • Spent $ on multiple softwares and
    paid setup fees

My life after MPT

  • Everything is automated!
  • Driver tracking and automation of best routes for delivery
  • Automated payments and easy to use software!
  • Absolutely no set up fee!
  • Got myself a free website with training

CEO SuperFitFoods


Pricing plans that grow with you

We charge no set-up fee and only 1 dollar per client your company has. It’s a simple pricing tier that grows with your company and stops at 500 users.

1.00 usd/per client.

We stop charging after 500 clients.

  • 50 clients = $50
  • 500 clients = $500
  • 700 clients = $500

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