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Low startup fee

Many softwares on the market charge 10 thousand to 15 thousand dollars in setup fees. We charge you a low one-time setup fee of 99 dollars. Enjoy the savings and invest it back into your business.


A customer relationship manager is essential to your business. It helps you track all the leads that come in and inquire about buying a meal plan from you. Which allows you to follow up on leads later, segment them into categories to send more specific marketing their way (like vegan or high protein), etc.

It also allows for mass emailing of all your clients and the ability to schedule email sequences in advance that will go out in an automated fashion to nurture your current clients.

COMING SOON! Driver Tracking

Imagine an Uber like convenience and simplicity to track your drivers. It also updates the routes as new customers sign up to constantly give your driver the fastest way.

When your driver drops off the food the software sends a notification message to you and the customer alerting that the food has been delivered.


No more excel sheets. We can automate almost everything in your business- from ordering food, special instructions, etc.

One way we make things easier for companies is that a customer can order from a form on the website and it will automatically fill in their preferences in the back end of the software. Your cook can then easily get all of this information automatically forwarded to him. Also a customer can login and change their preferences, change their billing, mark they are going on vacation and many more.

Merchant Services

We automate your billing. Customers can add or change their billing information, and then our software automatically updates it and bills them.

We take care of processing their cards and take all of the hassle out of payments.

Free Custom Website

We built our own website builder (think wix.com) that allows you to drag and drop build a custom website.

Even if you haven’t ever had a website before it will be extremely easy and we can guide you every step of the way.

We have built in guidelines designed by our CMO who studied Marketing at Harvard University and taught marketing there in a Master’s program as a TA.


We charge a low one-time set-up fee of 99 dollars and only 1 dollar per client your company has. Our base licensing fee is $49 per month. It’s a simple pricing tier that grows with your company and stops at 500 users.